Sewing Distractions of the Week

I have so many sewing (not to mention knitting and crochet) projects in the works yet I keep getting distracted by new patterns and fabrics.

For example, I recently received this pattern in the mail from an Instagram shop and cannot wait to try it out.

Butterick 6568 Sunsuit and Three Styles of Shorts

Butterick 6568 Sunsuit and Three Styles of Shorts

And then this gorgeous vintage floral fabric arrived in the mail from another shop which I’m planning on using for new criss cross ties.

Criss cross ties, you say?

I’ve been working on perfecting my patterns and have just begun selling the finished products in my etsy shop. I had  been meaning to make one (for years) to go with a 1960s Peter Pan collar dress I made a few years ago and once I had one finished I had to keep making them. I also ordered some pearl snaps and made them really slick. (Yes, I did just use the word slick.)

And THEN I found this on eBay and had to grab it up. Just look at that collar. Perfect for pairing with a retro print tie. It’s a bit of a momentary obsession, can’t ya tell?

Simplicity 8193 Dresses WITH AMAZING COLLARS

other (it’s been an uneventful week) exciting adventure this week was finally taking the time to learn how to blind hem by machine. Wow. I can’t believe it took me over ten years of sewing to learn something so easy and simple. So wonderful and such a time saver! I’ve so many skirts and dresses with hand sewn hems that are typically of questionable quality at best. Never. Again.

Blind Hem by Machine


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