1980s Halloween Costume Ideas

I absolutely love Halloween and can think of no better way to get into the spirit of the season than by sharing some amazingly imaginative and often times horrifying retro DIY costumes. They’re not horrifying in the typical sense, but more of a “I can’t believe this costume was even thought up, let alone published in a book.” Yep, all the costumes are coming out of a vintage costume book from 1983 called Jane Asher’s Fancy Dress. My mom picked it up for me at a library book sale recently and I am so excited to share with you thirteen of its greatest hits:

1) Firework (or Hayley’s Comet)

I actually like this one even though you’d never guess what the person is supposed to be in a million years. I also love that it is Hayley Mills modeling it. Yes, THAT, Hayley Mills.

2) Shorter Oxford Dictionary

For the budding bibliophile in your family.

3) The Future

I love that the future is always made of bubble wrap, plastic cups, and foil.

4) Loch Ness Monster

This sort of costume always seems incredibly impractical. How long can multiple persons really wear that over their heads all at the same time? I love cryptozoology so the fact that this isn’t just a random dragon or sea serpent really grabs me.

5) Gemini

This book has a costume for EVERY SIGN.


6) Jail Bird

Let the puns begin!

7) Secretary Bird

I warned you.

8) Statue on a Pillar

This one is genuinely awesome and I would love to see this in action at a party. I would definitely turn it into a Mombi head from Return to Oz though.

9) Salmon (Smoked or rock!)

“A very easy-to-wear, comfortable costume for someone who doesn’t fancy a complicated outfit.”

10) A Pair of the Same Suit

The best couples costume you’ve never seen nor ever will.

11) The King and I

One of the ‘Last Minute Jokes.’

12) Video Pirate

“…it’s always pleasing to do something up to date.”

13) The Last Straw

This is on par with the leaf blower costume that was all the rage in the early ’00s.

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