Knitting Pattern – Scooter Hat

I fell in love with a 1960s brimmed hat and didn’t have the pattern so this is what I came up with. Worked in the round with worsted weight wool. Brim is knit separately and sewn on. You can purchase this hat on Etsy or download a pattern PDF at the link below.

Scooter Hat

etsy 109

Yarn:  1 skein of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted weight yarn in Silver or equivalent

Needles: US size 10 16” circular needles and double-pointed needles

Gauge: 8 sts = 2 inches in pattern

Measurements: Finished hat measures approximately 8 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide


p = purl                    kfb = knit into front and back of stitch, increase by 1 stitch

k = knit                     st = stitch

sl = slip                     k2tog = knit two stitches together, decrease by 1 stitch

Notes: Body of hat is worked in the round with a brim that is worked flat and sewn on.



Slip Stitch Pattern:

  • Purl 9, slip 1 stitch purl-wise with yarn in back. Repeat across row.
  • Purl 9, knit 1. Repeat across row.

Cast on 70 stitches. Join in the round. Work in Slip Stitch Pattern for approximately 4.5 inches, ending on row 2. Begin decrease rounds:

  • Purl 7, purl 2 stitches together, slip 1 stitch purl-wise. Repeat across row.
  • Purl 8, knit 1. Repeat across row.
  • P6, p2tog, sl st. Repeat.
  • P7, k1. Repeat.
  • P5, p2tog, sl st. Repeat.
  • P6, k1. Repeat.
  • P4, p2tog, sl st. Repeat.
  • P5, k1. Repeat.
  • P3, p2tog, sl st. Repeat.
  • P4, k1. Repeat.
  • P2, p2tog, sl st. Repeat.
  • P3, k1. Repeat.
  • P1, p2tog, sl st. Repeat.
  • P2, k1. Repeat.
  • P2tog, sl st. Repeat.
  • P1, k1. Repeat.
  • Knit 2 together. Repeat.

Pull yarn through remaining 7 stitches. Finish off.


Cast on 1 stitch using dpns. Begin increase rows:

  • Knit into front and back of stitch.
  • K2.
  • Kfb, K1.
  • K3.
  • K1, kfb, k1.
  • K4.
  • K2, kfb. K2.
  • K6.
  • K3, kfb, k2.
  • K7.

Continue to work evenly on 7 stitches in garter stitch for approximately 8.25 inches. Begin decrease rows:

  • K2, knit two stitches together, k3.
  • K 6.
  • K2, k2tog, k2.
  • K5.
  • K2, k2tog, k1.
  • K4.
  • K1, k2tog, k1.
  • K3.
  • K2tog, k1.
  • K2.
  • K2tog.

Finish off. Sew brim onto bottom edge of hat using whip stitch.

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