1930s Knit Hat Giveaway!

The absolutely stunning Isabel Barense (@isabelbarense) models a 1930s style gathered knit cap which I will be giving away on Instagram to celebrate over 100 Etsy sales! 

To enter simply follow @chloeheartsowls on Instagram and re-post the following image tagging #chloeheartsowlsgiveaway. I will pick a winner on Friday, October 2. 


Birthday Sale Today on Etsy!

Today is my birthday so I am having an Etsy sale! Take 10% off any purchase today with coupon code BDAY10. I have lots of new yarn colors that are not listed as options yet so if you’re interested in another color, message me and I may have it!



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Thank you everyone for all of your support on Etsy and here on my blog! ūüôā


Me Mades: 1960s Billowy Blouse & Criss Cross Ties

I had planned on having this me-made update posted last Thursday but I was having some internet issues so this week it is! I haven’t been knitting very much the last couple of weeks and instead got back into sewing. I decided to tackle this super cute 1960s billowy blouse in a vintage woven cotton floral fabric I found on Instagram over the summer. I haven’t made a button up in almost five years so I was a little stressed at the idea but it turned out to be my most wearable shirt ever.

I used the 1969 Simplicity 8299 sewing pattern I got in a bundle of 30 vintage patterns on Ebay for like $7 (including shipping!) over the summer. Yes, I know, it was the best deal I’ve ever gotten on Ebay and I never will have another like it. I very sadly didn’t have enough of the material to create the matching ascot but I did end up with enough to make a few¬†criss cross ties. I made up a crazy bright 80s floral version of the ascot shown in the pattern photo and I can’t wait to make more of them.


Here’s my version of the blouse. I didn’t end up adding buttons to the collar because I planned to keep it loose so I could wear a tie with it. I used 6 buttons down the front and one snap at the neck and three buttons at each sleeve cuff. The collar was a little wonky so I had to fudge it as best as I could after the fact and that snap really did the trick. I didn’t change the sizing other than decreasing the seam allowance to give me a bit more room around the bust (as I’m a 34 and nowhere near a 30.5) and folding under less than the pattern suggested at the center front. The arm openings¬†are just a teensy bit tight but not a big enough problem for me to bother adjusting. The light was a bit bright as it was nearing sunset so I apologize for the lighting and color in these pics.



I’m just crazy about how the sleeves fall! I’ve never dealt with so much sleeve in my life but it turned out¬†perfect.¬†¬†Usually I am terrified of sleeve ease and really, gathering of any sort. I feel like a pro now, friends.


Here are my button cuffs that I think are super cute now that the buttonholing is all over. I almost put pearl snaps on instead because the thought of sewing on 12 buttons AND a snap (which is like sewing on TWO buttons, folks!) made me want to immediately run away and throw the blouse and/or myself off the Hell Gate Bridge. I didn’t do that, thankfully. I just forced myself to finish a sewing project in a timely manner for like, the first time ever and I’m really proud of the results.


Here is my whole outfit. Not really sure what is up with that expression of uncertain fear on my face. See those egg shells on the ground? Somebody egged one of our front windows on Halloween night! I thought it was great. Glad kids are still doing all those old-timey pranks. (The building manager hosed it off almost immediately, much to my dismay.)



Outfit Details:

Blouse: Me Made – Simplicity 8299 1960s sewing pattern

Tie: Me Made – My own pattern (Made from an old polyester scarf I saved for 8 years for this very use!)

Skirt: Vintage

Tights: The Sock Man

Shoes: Payless (I found them on double clearance for only $12!)

Ring: Forever 21 (It’s a brass colored owl.)


This past week I’ve been working on a new set of criss cross ties for my Etsy shop and I just posted about half of them last night:

chloeheartsowls.com chloeheartsowls.com chloeheartsowls.com

chloeheartsowls.com chloeheartsowls.com chloeheartsowls.com

I love wearing these ties and creating crazy colorful outfits. That plaid one in the bottom right corner matches a skirt I made last year! Usually though I like to have a totally unmatched tie. If there’s one thing I’m not afraid of it is lots of colors in one outfit. I’m the one person in the dead of a New York City winter in a bright yellow, ankle-length plaid coat and contrasting tights.

My next project is a vintage pattern tam I’m making using scrap fabric. I’ve made hundreds of knit and crochet hats but I’ve never attempted one out of fabric before so I’m really anxious to see how it works out. This one involves sewing only without any shaping aside from darts and gathers. Have any of you ever created a fabric hat?¬†I may post the results in next week’s post!

‚̧ chloe