Vintage Knitting Pattern: 1960s Garter Stitch Dress

I’ve been saying I am going to make this for years at this point. Someday…

Vintage Knitting: 1942 Red, White, and Blue

This sweater has been a labor of love for four years now. As soon as I saw the stripes and the Peter Pan collar I was sold. knit it in flag colors smart jumper

The pattern is from Australian Woman’s Weekly on June 13, 1942, “Knit It In Flag Colors Smart Jumper.”

It was supposed to be knit in fingering weight yarn but I was a little scared of that idea back then so I did some math and re-wrote the pattern for sport weight wool instead. (I used Knit Picks Stroll yarn.) It fits really well but I had some trouble initially with the collar. First, I made it way too large and then when I made a new one in the right size my pins rusted during blocking and left horrible orange stains all over! I removed the collar and hung it in the closet for the past two years. I finally decided I had to finish it before starting any new sweater projects only to find out that my white yarn had turned into cream on the sweater! And of course my saved skein of white yarn was still white. What is going on?! Something doesn’t want me to finish this. But I did it anyway. Hopefully over time my white collar ages to match the rest of the sweater. You can’t tell it in the photos but the collar is bright white and the body of the sweater is almost a creamy yellow. 1942 red white and blue 1942 red white and blue 1942 red white and blue 1942 red white and blue 1942 red white and blue