Vintage Sewing – 1930s Dress – Simplicity D0579

I don’t have too much to say about this dress other than as soon as I saw the pattern on Ebay I nabbed it and made it ASAP. I used an ash grey bubble rayon crepe, modern of course and very lightweight. It came along very quickly with the only real sewing issue being the sleeve pleats at the shoulder. I had a bit of difficulty getting them positioned properly when attaching them to the bodice but I worked it out in a couple tries.

The other issue was the only invisible zipper I had was 5 inches shorter than the pattern called for. Do you think I waited to get the proper length zipper? … I found out that those extra 5 inches would have been super helpful when pulling this over my head. I just have to squeeze into this dress just like every other 1930s dress I own. I’m quite skilled at it by now, I suppose.

I purchased this fabric when I was back home in Michigan for Christmas and I brought the fabric back but forgot my matching thread! So I had to use black which shows up a bit annoyingly on the pocket edges so I may re-attach those in grey at some point. And I should have used interfacing on them as they sag a bit in this drapey fabric but I didn’t want them to look too stiff either. Can’t have it both ways!

Vintage Sewing – Advance 1881 – 1930s Blouse

I just finished making view 1 of this pattern but I also made view 2 earlier this year. I never found the time to post about it so I’ll add some notes on that one too. Also, I do realize this pattern is for children or teenagers but it was too cute and it has worked out rather well for me regardless.

I think I snagged this pattern on Ebay last winter. So adorable. I loved view 2 and made that first. I assumed right away that the 30″ bust would be insanely tiny for me so I added a few inches and discovered that well, I was way off. Ended up going with the 30″ bust pattern as it was, I guess because the style is very open there was enough room. I used a red cotton lawn from my stash and it turned out better than expected. I struggled a bit with the narrow hemming on the ties and sleeves and ultimately used an overcast stitch on them but they don’t look too terrible even if they’re not very true to the period.

With view 1 I did some measuring and it looked as if it might fit again without adjustments so I went for it with some vintage floral silk I have been hoarding for years. The blouse was pretty quick with only a few pleats at the shoulders and gathering on the sleeves. The sleeve cuffs were very tight so I removed them and added an inch or so to the cuff piece and now they fit nicely. The armholes are a bit high and snug but I think they work well for the style, just tighter than I prefer. In the future I will lower them a bit and extend the sleeve cap to fit. The neckline is also too tight to pull together at the center neck but I like the look of it as an open v-neck. Next time I might eliminate the slashing at the center neck and just add a back zip to keep the Peter Pan collar nice and neat in the front. As cute as the pockets are in the pattern image, they easily  got lost with my busy print so I ended up only adding one but with an obvious “handmade” running stitch to help it stand out.

What I really got fed up with was attempting the recommended bias binding technique at the neckline, it was way too bulky and wouldn’t lay right. I ended up going with the tried and true Hug Snug. I can always count on it to help me out with a troublesome seam! I also left off the tie belt as the top was already snug fitting enough and it would only get in the way when wearing it tucked in, which I plan to do.

All in all it turned out rather well for a quick one day project. I guess I’m on a roll with these last two but I know it’s only a matter of time before disaster if I keep mostly winging it. 😉