Links to all patterns posted on the blog. More original patterns can be found on Ravelry.

Last updated 12/27/16

chloe hearts owls

Artichoke Hat

Bluebell Cloche

Canceled Stamp Cloche

Mushroom! Mushroom!

Scooter Hat

The Volstead 1930s Scarf


1920s Two Piece Dress

1945 Dritz Hat & Muff Sets

1950s Cherry Trimmed Sweater

1950s Mohair & Jersey Sweater

1950s Sailor Collar

1950s Streamer Hat

1950s Turtle-Neck Bib for the Family

1950s Velvet & Pearl Collar

1960s Bobble Fringe Jacket

1960s Bubble Hat

1960s Captain’s Cap

1960s Chevron Shell

1960s Flower Spats

1960s Garter Stitch Dress

1960s Geometric Pullover

1960s Gypsy Bolero

1960s Hat with Stripes

1960s Hat with Ties

1960s Let’s Call It A Shell

1960s Knitted Slippers

1960s Pinwheel Pullover

1960s Posy-Paneled Cardigan

1960s Sailor Dress

1960s Scandinavian Chic Set

1960s Shell & Argyle Skirt

1960s Spangled Helmets

1960s Striped Shell

1960s Two-Way Hat

1960s Tassel Belt

1960s Yoked Dress

1970s Aran Cardigan

1970s Beach Set

1970s Beret & Bag Set

1970s Bikini

1970s Irish Crochet Hat

1970s Irish Rose Jacket

1970s Laced-Up Sweater

1970s Lacy Pullover

1970s Plaid Shortcoat

1970s His & Her Popcorn Jacket

1970s Striped Turtleneck Pullover

1970s Surplice Vest

1970s Sweater and Scarf Set

1970s Tricolor Cover-Up

1980s Knitted Bedjacket

1980s Camiknickers

1980s Collared Pullover with Tie

1980s Lacy & Beaded Top

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    • Hi Bonnie. I know. :/ Unfortunately Photobucket changed their photo hosting policy after years of it being free. I have to pay a lot to use their service or move elsewhere. Since my whole site is on Photobucket pretty much I haven’t yet decided if I want to reorganize it entirely. If you’d like the pattern please email me: Thank you and apologies!

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